Encourage positivity!

We would love Stellaluna Raine to be a forum of positivity! Here, we want to promote other small businesses, hear stories of body image positivity, stories or acts of kindess or just anything else that may put a smile on someone's face! Life can be hard, why not celebrate the little things daily?


  • I was recently feeling down about my postpartum body, especially with Summer around the corner! I know it gave birth to a healthy, beautiful baby but still, it was now this lumpy foreign new entity covered with stretch marks! I decided to do a super fun and empowering boudoir shoot just for me! I didn’t tell my hubby about it and haven’t even showed the pics to him yet—waiting to surprise him for our anniversary! They are more beautiful than I imagined and make me feel so good about myself again! I am now even eyeing the Mommy and Me 2-piece suits on here for me and my baby girl! Do yourself a favor and book a shoot for yourself!

    Lola H.
  • I love starting the day by saying positive mantras! We can all be so critical about ourselves and others so why not start the day off in a good mood! My 3.5 year old daughter is always nearby and I try to never talk bad about myself in front of her; I want her to grow up with self-love and spreading positivity as much as she can!

    Dara R

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