About Us

We are 3 sisters with different personalities, styles & figures who wanted to join together to create a boutique for all.

As unique as we all are from each other; our Thai mother & grandmother did give us one thing in common: our names all exist in the Sky. Youngest sister, Dara means Star (Stella), Middle Sister, Jantra, means Full Moon (Luna) and older sister, Taryn means Water/ Rain. The spelling of Raine is a tribute to our beloved late grandmother on our father's side whose middle name was Lorraine. 

Meet the Stellaluna Raine Team

 Shoot For the Stars:

"Hello, I'm Dara, the youngest of the sisters, the Stella! I am a speech pathologist and mom of 2! Growing up, I embraced Taryn and Jantra's hand-me-downs, knowing how stylish my sisters were; I always felt so confident in what I wore. I remember so many special events in my life by what I was wearing! One of my favorite memories is Jantra coming home from college to make my Senior Prom dress! I always loved letting her dress me and still do, even now in my 30's! Feeling good about what I am wearing can make such a difference in my mood. I'm working on letting go of clothes that don't make you feel good. It is so important to love the body you have and appreciate it for all that it's capable of!

Since I have 2 younger kids, I think about how I am shaping their body image on a daily basis. From the books we read to the mantras we recite in our house, they are soaking everything up! I want them to feel confident in loving their whole selves! Hearing my daughter tell others they are beautiful is so heartwarming, but hearing her compliment herself makes me feel like I am doing my job! Spread the positivity and self-love. After looking at a picture of yourself, say the positives out loud instead of the negatives, try to block the negatives out! Each one of us are beautiful and unique, embrace what makes you, YOU!"





Reach for the Moon:

"Hi! I am Jantra, the Luna of the group and the Founder of Stellaluna Raine! Life can be crazy, especially with 3 kids under 4, but with the help of my fiancé, we were able to make this dream of mine a reality!

Growing up, I started getting my curves at a young age and I was always very aware that I wasn't built like the models I would see in magazines or even most of my friends and of course; my sisters. I remember they were able to wear certain looks to school, but if I wore the same, I would be sent to the Principal's Office for being too "revealing." So, instead of dressing with the trends, I realized early on that I had to pick pieces that would flatter and accentuate my curves. With help from my mom, we had to alter a lot of my clothing to fit my hourglass shape, since back then, options were very scarce. We had to drive almost 2 hours away just to find a prom dress to fit me! For this reason, I was determined to study Fashion Design and conquer inclusivity. During my courses, I always tried to think outside the box and opted to design collections that were for all; including curves and maternity. 

Well, life happened and instead of moving to NYC after school and pursuing my design dreams; I had to accept all sorts of crazy opportunities in the fashion industry just to survive there. New York City ain't easy (or cheap) people! I am thankful for each and every one of those opportunities, as I met amazing people along the way, was able to pay my bills (mostly) and became more inspired every day of my 8 years there.

I have always thought of myself as a very confident person; however, looking back on my life growing up, there were definitely some challenging times as I grew into my body. I wish I could tell my younger self to stop comparing yourself to others; that you will eventually embrace and appreciate all of yourself! The pieces I have always chosen for myself, make me feel confident and beautiful and the attitude to leave the house everyday and think, Dang I look good! This is my hope for every single piece we have picked out for Stellaluna Raine and that you feel the same while wearing them!"



Dance in the Rain:

"Hi, I'm the oldest of the sisters, the Raine ♥ ️I am a mother of 3 as well as a pediatric speech language pathologist. I have always loved all things beauty and fashion, so I'm so ecstatic to be a Buyer here at Stellaluna Raine.

I have always had a trendy style, I love dressing up and finding things that are unique, yet fit into my mom/teacher lifestyle. I couldn't find the perfect prom dresses in high school so I had my mom alter them to stand out. As I get older I like the challenge of finding clothes that I can pull off even in my late thirties!

You can be stylish and feel good at an age. Over the past 7 years I have become full of gratitude for my body that has carried and fed all 3 of my babies! This year I want to focus more on exercising so I can feel my best! As we all know life can be stressful and exhausting but staying healthy helps with our mind, body and soul! Look for items from me that are fun and bit trendy yet you can wear at your kids' hockey game!"




Special Mentions!

We wouldn't be able to do this venture without the help of our parents. They help with the grandkids among so many other things! They have given each of us so much love and nurture, so much confidence and most importantly; freedom. The freedom to express ourselves; the freedom to dream and believe that we can accomplish anything & the freedom of letting us go, giving us wings and trusting we would find true happiness and come back closer to home one day. They exemplify the saying, "Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back and reasons to Stay."

Stellaluna Raine Headquarters is also in their home for the time being, so huge huge shout out to them!:)